We offer independent, professional advisory services in the field of tangible and intangible heritage conservation in Southern Africa.

Drawing from our knowledge and expertise, we promote synergy between the realities of modern-day progress and the need to preserve heritage, and shape win-win outcomes in scenarios where both are vital.

We partner with our clients to guide them through often complex heritage-related situations so that they can achieve their goals while, at the same time, upholding and even increasing the intrinsic value of the legacy that forms part of the scenario.

Gamka-Colab – Rethinking heritage together.


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The enablers

We are able to deliver on what we undertake to do as we have an inclusive understanding of and extensive experience in the following fields:

  • Heritage conservation as a subject on its own, as well as within the context of urban and rural development
  • Statutory and regulatory frameworks, both nationally and internationally, that guide matters relating to heritage conservation
  • Financial analysis and modelling
  • Project management
  • Funding and financial backing

We find it easy to hone in on matters that pertain to our field of expertise in order to identify and present the key factors to be addressed at an early stage of a project. This facilitates the prompt orientation of role players, helps to get projects going or, where required, back on track, and it saves time and money as it eliminates extended efforts to get participants on board.

We are impartial, able to see the bigger picture and creative and innovative in our approach. This allows us to independently help formulate and suggest strategies and outcomes for the benefit of all of parties involved.

Project management

Although we do not get involved in the execution of projects, we can, if required, coordinate activities in a project management role in order to accomplish the required results. In this regard we have set ourselves up to formulate objectives and strategies, to translate these into achievable tasks, to assist and facilitate in its execution, and to give guidance to ensure completion to satisfaction. Together with this we also provide comprehensive, best practise reporting and feedback.

Typical clients

Those who make use of our services include, among others, local, regional and national authorities, heritage foundations and conservation organisations, property developers, heritage asset owners and managers, and others who are involved in heritage conservation in Southern Africa.

Typical scenarios

We can assist with a wide range of heritage-related scenarios, among others:

  • An individual client requiring guidance on a specific heritage-related project, for example, renovating a heritage asset;
  • More than one party involved, but all working together to achieve a shared goal, for example, local authority town planners and construction companies having to widen a street in a town area of historical importance; and
  • More than one party involved, but on opposing sides, when it comes to activities that might jeopardize an area of historic importance, for example, national road planners wanting to build a freeway that might have a negative impact on a rural village from a bygone era that’s in the way.
Our point of departure

We unconditionally believe in and support the principle of heritage conservation in Southern Africa. At the same time we also recognize that it is not ideal, not even possible, to do so in isolation in today’s contemporary world where accelerated development has become the norm.

Conservation is often viewed as standing in the way of modern day development. This is especially and often true in the fields of building restoration, construction projects and property development ventures.

It is therefore important to maintain a balance between the mandates and requirements of opposing parties who are involved in such scenarios. In fact, our experience has shown that the benefit of sensible collaboration and accord between advocates from both sides far outweighs the advantage of merely trying to maintain a balance. In doing so, conservation becomes a process of maintaining and managing change to a heritage asset in a way that sustains and, where possible, enhances its significance.

Creating outcomes that would benefit all parties involved are achievable with a level-headed approach. Such outcomes are often of more value when facilitated by an independent, experienced facilitator. This stands in contrast with a result where the winner takes it all.

To reach beneficial outcomes, the following is required:

  • No uncertainty of who has ownership of the heritage that is at stake.
  • A clear understanding of what needs to be preserved and what perhaps not.
  • Knowledge of the dynamics of heritage conservation and economic growth, and the recognition that both can co-exist in harmony without the one taking preference above the other.
  • Appreciation of the fact that an all-inclusive approach is to the benefit of all involved.
  • Adhering to the principle of using qualified enablers to elevate the project and to deliver improved, value-added and sustainable outcomes.
Our approach

Are you perhaps one of those who believe that dealing with heritage matters can only be frustrating, cumbersome and tedious?

We have news for you!

Our insight in and enthusiasm for the work that we do, means that we at Gamka-Colab come with a totally new and refreshing approach when dealing with matters that involve heritage conservation in Southern Africa. No more, as business people often say: “Time, for me, is money – I do not want to waste time on matters to do with heritage.”

Start looking forward to gaining a fresh insight into heritage conservation and how collaboration can benefit your business as well as that which needs to be preserved. Be ready to shift your mind into a higher gear of forward thinking and progression as we walk the road together towards achieving sustainable outcomes for all involved. Expect clarity and reassurance, as opposed to uncertainty or frustration, as we move along. Know that we will not take sides and that we will work with integrity and in a disciplined, circumspect manner to look after the interests of all participants.

Prepare to get more than what you were hoping for, as we have a habit to exceed expectations and aim to delight when we work for you!

And if the preservation of heritage wasn’t really your scene until now, you may just find a new pursuit in life as you watch us going about with skill and flair to make this important part of our history fashionable, even funky!

Benefits when using us
  • We have remarkable subject knowledge and experience. You project is in capable hands.
  • We do proper research. We make sure that we have all the facts and a full understanding of the environment in which we work before we give guidance and make recommendations. No surprises as we go along!
  • We adhere to credible processes. Our best practise methodology ensures role clarity, prevents undue influence and maintains trust, offers accountability and transparency, ensures everyone’s engagement, and puts forward proper reporting.
  • Focus and framework specific. We keep to the task at hand and make sure that we work within the applicable statutory and regulatory frameworks.
  • Credibility. Our proven track record makes it easy for all role players to buy in when we facilitate a process.
  • Impartial and unbiased approach. Those who associate with us, even if they are from opposing viewpoints, find it easy to easy to work with us and to trust the guidance that we provide for the benefit of the bigger cause.
  • Swift and prompt results. Adhering to deadlines. We do not waste time and we aim to expedite the conclusion of our projects in order to save money for those who are involved.
  • Respect for and acknowledgement of all participants. Those involved are treated on equal footing which is conducive to achieving synergy, agreement and higher outcomes for all concerned.
  • Meticulous and thorough reporting. The outcome of any project is only as good as the paperwork that goes with it. We pride ourselves in comprehensive and detailed reporting during and upon conclusion of a project.
What's in a name?

Gamka-Colab stands for all that we are and what we believe in.

  • Gamka, in the Khoisan language means lion. For us it symbolises strength, a strategic approach, credibility and finesse.
  • Colab is the short form for collaboration. This illustrates synergy, pooling of knowledge and insight, and our primary goal to enable parties to work together to accomplish outcomes that are higher than the sum total of the individual input.

Our logo design – portraying structure put side by side with fluidity – symbolises the contrast between old and new, tradition and progression and preserving while transforming. This icon, furthermore, symbolises a window or door from the past to the future.

The use of gold, yellow and bronze represents Gamka-Colab’s shininess, passion, forward-thinking and capabilities when working in alliances to preserve heritage. 

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